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All You Can Eat Press

Volume 8 Manhattan Chinatown Map

$ 9.00 USD

Chinatown is like a labyrinth, hundreds of restaurants and shops are next to each other in very compacted area.Definitely you need a map to explore. And yes, we made the one! "Manhattan Chinatown Map" is our eighth publication and we teamed up with Charlene Wang de Chen and Tiffany Wang sisters who are the true Chinatown enthusiast with native palette. They share their very favorite 38 spots in Chinatown with us!

*Second Printing released in June 2018

Grab one and walk into the labyrinth!

  • 7.5 x 3.5 inches (folded); 15 x 21 inches (open)
  • Printed in NYC on white uncoated map stock
  • Packed in a wax paper bag
  • Two-Sided, Three-color printing
  • English Text

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