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Wool Throw Blankets

$ 89.00 USD

Crafting beautiful wool blankets and wool yarn has been the specialty of MacAuslands Woollen Mills of Prince Edward Island since 1932. We are the only mill in Atlantic Canada still producing traditional woollen blankets of 100% virgin wool yarn.

Throw blanket sized 52" x 76"

The MacAusland Blanket is a truly authentic handcrafted gift item of Atlantic Canada, made on P.E.I. from raw wool produced throughout the Atlantic region. The making of the blanket is an intricate and skilled craft.

It begins with a washing of the raw wool, which is subsequently dried and picked to remove grit and open up fibers. The cleaned wool is then carded (combed) and spun into thread.

The thread is warped (woven over a loom), fulled (preshrunk), washed once again and dyed. Finally, the woven wool is dried, "napped" or brushed to make it fluffy and warm, cut into blankets, hemmed and folded.

The result is the unique MacAusland Blanket...warm, soft, durable and beautiful.

MacAusland's Woollen Mills is a family business built on the traditional values of quality craftsmanship, beauty and durability.

Now in its 3rd century of operation, it's still family owned and operated and proudly produces the MacAusland Blanket

Carefully crafted from start to finish...the "Mill" still uses some equipment that was "state of the art" over a century ago. Today's MacAusland Blanket is still beautiful, warm and cuddle soft.
The mill, located a short half hour drive west of Summerside and only two minutes from Mill River Golf Course, is the only mill in Atlantic Canada and one of the few in North America that makes only 100% pure, virgin wool blankets.

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