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Deadstock Hand Dyed Indigo Blanket - Blanket #5

$ 95.00 USD

This particular blanket is 55/55 inches with a unique chain rib design. This is one of the larger blankets we found and is of a medium weight and would cover a Queen mattress as a top blanket. 

Our knitting partner in New Jersey is a family owned company that has been in business for a few generations now. They operate our glove machines and have a number of flat bed knitting machines we contract out to make blankets and they have been making blankets for decades. So, when they told us they had hundreds of deadstock blankets made over the 80s and 90s we jumped at the opportunity to purchase them with the intent of adding them to our hand dyed Japanese indigo program. These are all dyed right here in NY State using the highest quality Japanese all-natural indigo by a master indigo dyer and each vary in size, dyeing patter, and knit. We hope you enjoy!

With beautiful labels woven on a 1935 shuttle loom and wrapped in a reasalable sitcker label. 

Content: cotton blend


Yamato Indigo

Yamato Indigo is a Japanese natural-blend indigo powder dye   developed by Aikuma Senryo, a company founded in 1818 in Tokyo. The company was originally a Chinese herbal apothecary and later began supplying dyeing supplies.

*  Each blanket has been individually dyed, meaning no one will be the same. The dimensions, colors, knit pattern, and dye pattern all are all different. 

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