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Cinnamon Raisin Bagel & Cream Cheese Kit

$ 30.00 USD

    Everything you need to make a dozen cinnamon raisin bagels and homemade cultured cream cheese all in one convenient package for the whole family. Rope, loop and boil your own bagels from scratch and followup with a schmear of homemade cream cheese to recreate an NYC classic in your very own kitchen.

    Half cheese making kit and half baking kit—it’s all delicious.

    Kit Includes:

      • Bagel Baking Mix
      • Malt Powder
      • Ground Cinnamon
      • Raisins
      • Baking Yeast
      • Cheese Cloth
      • Vegetable Rennet

    Needed but not included: Milk, Cream, Egg

      Storage & Care:

      • All the ingredients in the kit are good for 12-18 months from shipment. Best by date is printed on the baking mix. 
      • Cheesecloth is reusable. Hand wash with dish soap after use and air dry.

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