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Lily of the Valley Soap

$ 8.95 USD

Enjoy spring all year-round with SallyeAnder’s Lily of the Valley Soap. Its moisturizing oils soothe and repair dryness, and lend a pleasant scent. For normal skin.

Beautifully, blissfully scented, our Lily of the Valley soap symbolizes love and luck!

Lily of the Valley is ancient and symbolic – it is mentioned 15 times in the Bible. Its Latin name Convallaria magalis means “that which belongs to May,” and Lily of the Valley is a signal that winter is over and spring has arrived. SallyeAnder Lily of the Valley Soap allows you to enjoy that spring sensation all year round. The delicate but memorable fragrance lasts for as long as the bar does and that can be over two months with everyday use. Unlike most grocery store-bought soaps, the moisturizing oils in this soap are soothing and enriching to ease dryness. Many of our customers find that when they use SallyeAnder soap, their skin is simultaneously cleansed and moisturized – no need for lotion! When you start to use your Lily of the Valley soap, our eco-friendly little packaging bags make great fragrances for your linen closet. For normal skin.

olive oil blend, Lily of the valley, karanja oil and hemp oil

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