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All You Can Eat Press

Volume 5 New York Oyster Map

$ 9.00 USD

Awwww shucks! Our fifth publication—the New York Oyster Map—is also our first collaboration. Written, researched and photographed by Julie Qiu of, it features 30 of New York’s freshest raw bars, plus a history of the beloved oyster in NYC, a list of tasting descriptors for aficionados, and more.
Seafarers, take to your boats and get slurping! 

*Third Printing released in January 2017

  • 7.5 x 3.5 inches (folded); 15 x 21 inches (open)
  • Printed in NYC on white uncoated map stock
  • Packed in a wax paper bag, with rubber stamp sticker seal
  • Two-Sided, Three-color printing
  • English Text

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