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Fireside Blanket

$ 98.00 USD

Whether you are stuck inside during a beautiful spring shower or out at the park enjoying some well deserved sunshine, our fireside blanket is the perfect thing to keep you comfy! Plus, we designed our very own storage box that makes it an easy, ready to impress gift for any occasion (no wrapping necessary ;)

We designed this blanket with functionality in mind. The acrylic base keeps it super lightweight but also warm for ultimate indoor comfort while also being super durable & fully machine washable. That means you can take it to the park or camping without worrying about ruining it with food spills or dirt. Just throw it in the washer & dryer when you get home & it’s as good as new!

Knit in a family owned factory in New Jersey these 55" x 58 oversized throws are perfect for curling up in front of the fire or where ever you might find yourself needing to level up your comfort.

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