About Upstate Stock

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The Factory

Upstate Stock is unique company that was born out of the belief that the long history of manufacturing in NY State is not dead. Basing the brand on the concept of vertical manufacturing, where all aspects of the production process are owned by Upsate Stock, the idea is that quality USA made products can still be provided at an accessible price.

First and foremost, Upstate Stock is a company that manufactures fine knit goods. Whether it's for our main line label, for other brands as private label, or even large government contracts we are a true manufacturer. Owning knitting machines in facilities in Upstate NY, New Jersey, and a large sewing factory in New York City we purchase yarn from some of the oldest mills across the East Coast and have some of the most unique materials available that are all sewn in NY.

The flagship store in Brooklyn opened in 2016 and has become not only a showcase for products made by the company, but also for unique goods that come from all over NY State. The concept is simple: keep it hyper local and only sell brands that are made in NY State, including anything we use for our incredibly popular signature coffee drinks, like the Campfire Latte. The cafe, grocery, and retail aspects all contribute to making the flagship a community staple and one of the most unique shopping experiences in NY.