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October Mountain Rescue Salve

$ 20.00 USD

This is the perfect pocket sized relief for dry Winter days and sun scorched Summer days. This pure and unadulterated ethically harvested Shea butter is one of natures moist efficient moisturizers and also has skin healing properties, containing large amounts of vitamin A. In addition, we add almond oil to retain skin moisture and to act as an anti-inflammatory. Finally, a touch of rose-hip oil is added to soothe the skin. All od these ingredients are hypoallergenic are unscented. This is a moisturizer at its most potent that you can tuck in your pocket for any time of year. 

INGREDIENTS: 100% natural Shea butter, rose hip oil, and sweet almond essential oil. 

DIRECTIONS: Rub the solid salve until a sufficient amount starts to soften and turn to a cream and apply to all parts of the body. It will take 30 plus seconds to properly be adsorbed so keep at it!

External use only. Keep away from children.

The Net Wt. is 1.7 oz

100% Natural and 100% made in NY State!

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