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6-Panel Cap - Japanese Linen - BALLPARK RED STRIPE

$ 36.00 USD

Originally, we bought these beautiful heavy striped linens from our Japanese fabric distributor to make masks during the pandemic. We kept the our sewers here in Brooklyn busy for months but as the mask sales slowed we had a fair amount of fabric leftover. We looked at what we could use this beautiful material for. 

All it took was reconnecting with some old friends back in Ridgewood, NY, handing over the fabrics we had on hand, & letting them take care of the rest. These hat’s are as NY as it gets. These brass cinched back 6-panel ballpark style from light-weight 100% cotton, they are super breathable for all day comfort no matter how hot it gets.

To us they are a subtle reminder of a very interesting few years for us as a business, and we hope you enjoy them outside doing what you love. 


  • 100% Japanese Cotton
  • Made with repurposed mask fabric (not used masks)
  • Small batch production (get yours before they are gone)
  • Sewn by our old friends & neighbors in Queens, NY
  • Super lightweight & breathable
  • Fully adjustable & hidden back strap
  • Low profile sport fit

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